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The level of Support for independence in wales is remarkable considering.............

Every now and then  we hear the same old line from one unionist politician after another saying " there is no appetite for independence in Wales" "only 5% to 10% support independence.

They chose to ignore the most recent unionist poll that showed support in Wales is up to 20% . Now if you were to believe the polls that's around 600,000 people in Wales who support welsh independence.

Now bare this in mind. That is 600,000 people who support independence for Wales without any political party or organisation in Wales arguing the case for independence.

I believe that most of the welsh public have never even considered the idea of welsh independence.
I myself had never thought about it or heard anyone mention welsh independence for most of my life. I started thinking about welsh independence when I was roughly 25 years old and that was after hearing Alex salmond talk about Scotland's future. It made me think what about Wales?
Yes id gone all my life being told by the media that "Wales isn't a country, its a principality" "welsh people are thick and stupid" "without England Wales would be a 3rd world country" But i had never thought that Wales could be independent because i didn't even know it was a real country anyway. Like a lot of welsh people.
As a welsh person this attitude is engraved in you through the media and attitude of some English people themselves. As a kid i would find myself intimidated by English people if I was to come in contact with them. I would almost be in awe.

This constant bashing of the welsh people have had a catastrophic effect on the confidence the welsh people have in their country.
Most believe Wales !isn't a real country, its only a principality" Most believe "Wales is inferior to England in every way"  without ever challenging these misconceptions.
A huge proportion of the welsh population don't even know who owian glyndwr is for Christ sake. Or even heard of our great princes of old .   I didn't until i started looking deeper into my country's history.

on the 13th we had a very successful  rally in Cardiff supporting a yes vote in Scotland.
A group of dedicated welsh people  worked their guts out to make it  happen. The dedication they showed and the hard work they put in was huge.
Hopefully this same movement will turn their attention to putting the idea of welsh independence to the welsh people.
Also we need plaid cymru to start being more direct and put welsh independence to the front of their agenda.

If the economic argument can be won (and i know it can be won) we have a chance.
If the people of wales think they will be better off independent. They will vote yes to independence at a drop of a hat.

These 5% 10% or 15% figures are irrelevant from the unionist point of view because the battle hasn't even started.  No party has put it to the people.  No campaign has been set up. no doors have been knocked. no grassroots organisations have been set up.
The case for welsh independence hasn't even been put to the people of wales by anyone.

All we have is unionist propaganda by the unionist media and unionist politicians saying the same old tired lines that have been said for many decades. If these figures are the same after the independence argument has been put to every single person in wales then the unionists have a right to gloat but until then these figures can only be negative from the unionist point of view.
If these polls are right, support for independence is on the up and its on the rise with no one fighting for independence but constant unionist propaganda everyday from the media and politician's.
Support for independence in scotland was about the 20% mark 10 years ago and that was with the snp putting it at the top of their agenda.
Once the fight begins and its put to the proud welsh people, You watch that figure rise. you watch the people of wales embrace the idea of independence.
No more Conservative governments. No more illegal wars. No more elitist toffs looking down their nose at you. No more "its not a real country anyway, its only a principality" No more taking advantage of welsh resources for which the welsh receive nothing. No more crown estate. No more "England and wales" No more sniggering at the idea of anything welsh. I could go on all day but i think you get the idea.
I don't think the people of wales will turn the opportunity down, especially if the economic argument can be won.


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