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A list of what devolution has given wales so far.

I have noticed recently that many in wales are saying devolution has brought no benifit to wales whatsoever. 
This is a result of the way the media reports any negatives regarding devolution but ignore the huge number of positives and people who want devolution to have failed spreading untruths.
I have decided to make a list from a simple google search of what devolution has given wales so far.  To say devolution has done anything or has been negative for wales is untrue to say the least. If i have missed anything let me know and i will ad it. 
Nine new hospitals and huge investment in new hospital equipment 
New Kidney Transplant Unit, PET scanner and Women’s Unit at UHW
New Cardiff and Vale Breast Centre.
North Wales exhibition centre in Colwyn Bay
banning of smoking in public places
The Transport (Wales) Bill
The Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Bill
The Draft Tourism Accommodation Registration (Wales) Bill.
The LGBT staff network was
Free bus travel for pensioners.
More investmen…
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The Welsh want more powers but some people think otherwise

Has there been a poll that suggests the welsh are turning against devolution?
All the polls I can find show that they want MORE powers.
So where do these anti-welsh folk in the comments get the idea that the welsh would vote to scrap the assembly?
Nothing has happened to suggest a thing. They have nothing to base this on. Or have they?
The most recent poll..

via roger scully

The Welsh Assembly should have more powers than it currently has: 44% (no change)

The powers the Welsh Assembly currently has are sufficient and should remain as it is now: 28% (-1)

The Welsh Assembly should have fewer powers than it currently has: 4% (+1)

The Welsh Assembly should be abolished and Wales governed directly from Westminster: 12% (-1)

so where do these people get this from?

WALES the overachieving nation that's been told its to stupid pt1 innovators, inventors and scientists

Wales is a small nation that has punched above its weight in just about everything.

However, there are many people in wales (especially among the 50 + age group) who will happily tell you that the welsh people are somehow uniquely a bit thick and not capable of running a country.

This attitude is a result of being told this for many decades. Before the widespread use of the internet, the BBC and English newspapers had a monopoly on the opinions of the welsh people. They convinced many in wales that wales is just a 'principality' it 'isn't a real country' it has 'achieved nothing', Wales 'needs England' to survive, the welsh people 'are not capable of looking after their own interests' and lots more.
This is complete nonsense, Wales has always punched above its weight and its time the people started to acknowledge this.
This is part 2 of my 'overachieving nation' series that proves that the welsh people have always been smart enough to …

more proof of the benefits of devolution

Wales has benefited greatly from devolution as my previous posts show. Any negatives that I am shown is a direct result of the savage cuts by the Tory government. When I show these people the state of health and education in Scotland and England I very rarely get a reply.  It is my opinion that most of the people that want to end devolution want to do wales harm.  They don't care if the welsh people benefit at all, they don't care about wales or its people. They just want to put wales down and keep her down. When they read or see a Welshman/woman show confidence in their welsh identity they foam at the mouth and become obsessed with proving to that person that wales is nothing but a little 'principality' that needs England to survive. They say wales isn't capable of having any powers, our language is a waste of money and our history is all lies. They hate wales with a passion but live there. Most have moved to Wales from England and instead of integrating and trying …

Welsh villages and valleys flooded for England.

We often talk of Tryweryn but often forget the flooding of other valleys and villages to feed England with water.
For example... the elan valley.. "In 1892, the British government passed the Birmingham Corporation Water Act allowing the council to effect compulsory purchase of the total water catchment area of the Elan and Claerwen valleys . 180 sqm of Wales was given to Birmingham to do what they wanted and it was nothing Wales couLd do about it

The Act also gave Birmingham the powers to move more than 100 people living in the Elan Valley. All the buildings were demolished.

Lake Vyrnwy Was built in the 1880s to supply Liverpool with water.  Those that lived in the village of  Llanwddyn and surrounding farms were forced to move before their homes were demolished and the area flooded

As far as i know so far these lakes were built to supply England with water ..........
Lake Vyrnwy
Llyn Brenig
Claerwen reservoir 
Clywedog reservoir
Llyn Brianne
Alwen Reservoir 

What has devolution done for wales? answer is a hell of a lot. UPDATED LIST.

Wales has benefited greatly from devolution but because of the medias inability to report anything positive, the welsh public have been misled on what devolution has done for them.

Why on earth isn't the media telling the welsh people how much they benefit from devolution? Did you know Wales had around 3 new hospitals in 30 years and 4 new schools before devolution?
Since devolution Wales had to build 18 new hospitals and 22 new schools because of English neglect.
Did you know exports have gone up over 200% since devolution because London wasn't even trying to sell Wales abroad?
This alone is solid proof that the interests of wales is served far better by the welsh people in the welsh parliament.
It would be madness for wales to give back powers. I honestly believe that there are 2 types of people that want to end devolution.

The crazy unionist who wouldn't support it regardless of its achievements. He/she would turn Wales into an English county if they could.
These peopl…