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A list of what devolution has given wales so far.

I have noticed recently that many in wales are saying devolution has brought no benifit to wales whatsoever. 
This is a result of the way the media reports any negatives regarding devolution but ignore the huge number of positives and people who want devolution to have failed spreading untruths.
I have decided to make a list from a simple google search of what devolution has given wales so far.  To say devolution has done anything or has been negative for wales is untrue to say the least. If i have missed anything let me know and i will ad it. 
Nine new hospitals and huge investment in new hospital equipment 
New Kidney Transplant Unit, PET scanner and Women’s Unit at UHW
New Cardiff and Vale Breast Centre.
North Wales exhibition centre in Colwyn Bay
banning of smoking in public places
The Transport (Wales) Bill
The Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Bill
The Draft Tourism Accommodation Registration (Wales) Bill.
The LGBT staff network was
Free bus travel for pensioners.
More investmen…
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WALES the overachieving nation that's been told its to stupid (PT 1 Welsh scientists)

One of the most common arguments I face on a daily basis is this ridiculous opinion that the welsh people are uniquely stupid and not capable of running their own nation.

This opinion is held mostly by the older generations and is far from the truth.
In fact, i can't think of a nation of the same size that has achieved even half as much as that of Wales.
The welsh people, however, are a humble bunch and don't shout about these achievements or boast about the many great people from Wales who have helped shape the world we live in today. so I will do it for them. I will prove to them that they are a UNIQUELY TALENTED people that are capable of anything at all.
I intend on proving that Wales is not some thicko nation but capable of producing world beating scientists, musicians, artists, actors, explorers or anything else.

I was planning on putting them all in one post but that soon become impractical when i saw just how many wonderfully talented people that little nation has p…

The welsh dont know how lucky they are to have devolution (updated list)

Wales has benefited greatly from devolution but because of the medias inability to report anything positive, the welsh public has been misled on what devolution has done for them.

Iv had a list for a few years that I decided to update today but to be honest, I got a bit board due to the sheer number of benefits iv had to add. I could have gone on all day.

Why on earth isn't the media telling the welsh people how much they benefit from devolution?
Did you know Wales had around 3 new hospitals in 30 years and 4 new schools before devolution?
Since devolution Wales had to build 18 new hospitals and 22 new schools because of English neglect.
Did you know exports have gone up over 200% since devolution because London wasn't even trying to sell Wales abroad?
It would be madness for wales to give back powers. I honestly believe that there are 2 times of people that want to end devolution.

The crazy unionist who wouldn't support it regardless of its achievements. He/she would turn Wale…

Over 80% of anti welsh language comments are from English people 36% live in Wales.

Most of us would have come across anti welsh language folk in our time, especially online where people often make a comment and run away before they are proven wrong. This week there has been an unusually high volume of anti welsh posts due to what has been reported in the news and some papers.   I clicked on a few of these profiles and found nearly all wasn't even welsh. This gave me an idea… I had some spare time on my hands so I decided to do some of my own unscientific research.
I used my own programming skills to make a few scripts to scan twitter and a few other websites and visited a number of Facebook pages looking for debates on the welsh language. I then visited the profiles of all of these people. If their location wasn’t clear I  done a bit of scanning to determine the locations. For other people who I couldn’t determine the locations for I had to bend some rules to get their ip addresses and some times home addresses. After I logged the numbers I deleted all the data I had…

Welsh inventions and discoveries

The over-achieving little nation.
Quite often I have come across an attitude among the older generations of Wales being an irrelevant little nation that hasn't given the world anything of note. 
I understand that they were brought up at a time where the welsh were constantly put down or ignored. This has engrained in them a complete lack of confidence in their welsh identity and the capability of the welsh people.
Many still think welsh people are not capable of governing themselves and even mock the idea.
A number of the same people also have some very strange take on welsh history, denying the fact that the welsh even existed before it was annexed by England. This is something that was pushed on tot he welsh people to discredit the idea of an independent welsh nation. 
Here is a small list (not complete) list of welsh folk who have proven these people wrong
Famous Welsh innovators and visionaries Some elements of this list may be disputed. Eddie Bowen pioneer of radar. Wor…

Wales losing devolution would damage Wales far more than leaving the EU.

since devolution, welsh exports have risen by 210%
for me, this is clear proof that Westminster wasn't trying very hard to sell welsh products abroad.

It's also proof to me that welsh people know and care more for welsh interests than any privately educated toff who has probably never been to wales.

The welsh NHS is no worse or better than those in Scotland and England at the moment.The English NHS is in a crisis far beyond anyhting wales has experienced.  click link to read NHS faces 'humanitarian crisis' as demand rises, British Red Cross warns
Wales is doing very well out of devolution but it worries me the amount of people who have no idea what devolution has done for them.

(click link to see a previous post of mine with a list of what it has given you up until 2013. I could add far more but i dont have the time at the moment. )  Devolution has been great for Wales. Don't let anyone tell you any different. (list)

Many people say things like "it's never done a…

Wales is not a bloody principality and hasn't been since 1536,

Many welsh people seem to have this obsession with putting wales down at every opportunity.

Why they do this i dont know but one term such people cling on to is "wales is a PRINCIPALITY" it often comes with "its not a real country anyway" .
Now where is the proof of this? can they direct me to the pages on the welsh government website or uk government website or any other to prove to me that wales "isn't a country but only a principality" ?
Here is what the Welsh government say. here link
11. Is Wales a Country or a Principality? Wales is not a Principality. Although we are joined with England by land, and we are part of Great Britain, Wales is a country in its own right. We have a long history that goes from the old welsh kingdoms and the middle ages. We have had a 'Prince of Wales' from 1301, when Edward I created the title. The title is given to the eldest son of each English monarch. The Prince of Wales is Prince Charles, who is the present h…

Devolution has been great for Wales. Don't let anyone tell you any different. (list)

what has  devolution has given wales so far.? (list) I have noticed recently that many in wales are saying devolution has brought no benefit to wales whatsoever. 
This is a result of the way the media reports any negatives regarding devolution but ignore the huge number of positives and people who want devolution to have failed spreading untruths.
This is a dangerous situation for devolution and shouldn't be taken lightly.  Carwyn jones was complacent during brexit, He thought wales would never vote for brexit because wales benefited greatly from the EU and have traditionally been pro EU. 
I see the same happening with devolution. He thinks because a few polls a few years back said wales wants more power he wont even contemplate even the idea of wales turning against devolution.
However Wales is at a break next speed doing just that.  People have a lot of problems they want  to blame on something. Firstly it was the EU. Now devolution is in their sights. Unless you dig a little deeper y…