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more proof of the benefits of devolution

Wales has benefited greatly from devolution as my previous posts show. Any negatives that I am shown is a direct result of the savage cuts by the Tory government. When I show these people the state of health and education in Scotland and England I very rarely get a reply. 
It is my opinion that most of the people that want to end devolution want to do wales harm. 
They don't care if the welsh people benefit at all, they don't care about wales or its people. They just want to put wales down and keep her down. When they read or see a Welshman/woman show confidence in their welsh identity they foam at the mouth and become obsessed with proving to that person that wales is nothing but a little 'principality' that needs England to survive. They say wales isn't capable of having any powers, our language is a waste of money and our history is all lies. They hate wales with a passion but live there. Most have moved to Wales from England and instead of integrating and trying to make wales a better place they have gone on the defensive and rubbished everything that makes wales what it is. Its very odd and I have no explanation why they are like this. 
Anyway.. iv poted may list the benefits of devolution and I keep adding to them, but here are a few charts I found on the www. 
Like I said, wales benefit greatly from devolution. the anti-devolution brigade wants to harm wales and needs to be challenged. 

Gross Value Added 1997-2015
£ per head of population

Poverty: Household income
% living in households with less than 60% median household income after housing costs

Serious road casualties fall
There are more motorists on the roads of Wales than there were 20 years ago - but fewer serious crashes.
Serious road casualties in Wales
The number of casualties

 GCSE results have improved
, teenagers' performance in GCSE results has been one of continual improvement since 1997.
GCSE results in Wales
% of 15-year-olds reaching level 2 exam threshold

Some other charts for you.
Annual trade figures for Wales
£m, 12 months to September
  • Exports
  • Imports

Market share of exports from Wales

  • European Union
  • N America
  • Asia & Oceania
  • Middle East & N Africa
  • Others

For more proof of the benefits of devolution, please read my list click this link CLICK ME


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