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Wales losing devolution would damage Wales far more than leaving the EU.

since devolution, welsh exports have risen by 210%
for me, this is clear proof that Westminster wasn't trying very hard to sell welsh products abroad.

It's also proof to me that welsh people know and care more for welsh interests than any privately educated toff who has probably never been to wales.

The welsh NHS is no worse or better than those in Scotland and England at the moment.
The English NHS is in a crisis far beyond anyhting wales has experienced. 

Wales is doing very well out of devolution but it worries me the amount of people who have no idea what devolution has done for them.

(click link to see a previous post of mine with a list of what it has given you up until 2013.
I could add far more but i dont have the time at the moment. ) 
Devolution has been great for Wales. Don't let anyone tell you any different. (list)

Many people say things like "it's never done anything for me" the same time they are collecting their free prescriptions or going somewhere with their free bus pass.

It also took devolution for wales to get new hospitals and schools. over 15 brand new hospitals and even more schools.
Again, Westminster didn't care enough to build schools and hospitals.

Most of those against devolution seem to think its the first step to independence so its a threat to their beloved union.
This is nonsense.
It's simply welsh people doing what they see is best for their nation and having the power to do so

If you don't like the politicians down Cardiff bay vote them out.
If you think they are of poor quality, get involved yourself.

All i see down there is mostly welsh people who have had real jobs went to state schools and suffered hardships like the rest of us.
They have bettered themselves and devolution has given them the chance to become AM'S

People say they are poor quality because they are not your typical eton snob who is in a bubble with no grasp of reality.
Give me welsh people any day.

Wales losing devolution would damage Wales far more than leaving the EU.
Every one of you benefits or have benefited from it and you don't know it.

Get behind it, make it work, change it, get involved, it's yours, nobody else's but please for the sake of wales don't turn against it.


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Unionists and the media will tell you all the time that wales needs london
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Devolution has been great for Wales. Don't let anyone tell you any different. (list)

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