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Devolution has been great for Wales. Don't let anyone tell you any different. (list)

 what has  devolution has given wales so far.? (list)

I have noticed recently that many in wales are saying devolution has brought no benefit to wales whatsoever. 

This is a result of the way the media reports any negatives regarding devolution but ignore the huge number of positives and people who want devolution to have failed spreading untruths.

This is a dangerous situation for devolution and shouldn't be taken lightly. 
Carwyn jones was complacent during brexit, He thought wales would never vote for brexit because wales benefited greatly from the EU and have traditionally been pro EU. 

I see the same happening with devolution. He thinks because a few polls a few years back said wales wants more power he wont even contemplate even the idea of wales turning against devolution.

However Wales is at a break next speed doing just that. 
People have a lot of problems they want  to blame on something. Firstly it was the EU. Now devolution is in their sights.
Unless you dig a little deeper your opinions are formed by a media with a hidden agenda.
It wasn't to long ago the media were all over Cardiff airport. They were calling it all sorts and even calling for its closure due to falling passenger figures.
For every one of the last 13 months passenger numbers have been on the up and it is now the UKS fastest growing airport.
Why is the media not all over this?
Is it because they want you to have a negative view on the welsh government so try thier best not to show any positives relating to it? 
Its the same with devolution. You have seen with that list i keep posting that it has done a hell of a lot more than the people seem to realise. 

People slag it the same time they are directly benefiting from it every single day.
They say 'its never  done anything for me' the same time they are getting the bus with thier FREE BUS PASS to pick up thier FREE PRESCRIPTION. They need to get back quick though to make dinner for their grand daughter who is home from her CHEAP UNI COURSE and grandson who is on his last day of his APPRENTICESHIP. The house is nice and warm thanks to the grant for a NEW BOILER AND INSULATION. Tomorrow they are all going out to visit local museums that have FREE ENTRY and then the granddaughter will be going back to uni to enjoy the new Swansea medical school BUILD BY THE WELSH GOVERNMENT . The grandparents will then be going swimming for FREE .

If you value devolution you must take it upon yourself to tell everyone you know how well wales has done. Nobody else will. 
Don't be complacent and think we will never lose devolution. Don't think for one second polls from a few years back are relevant at all today. Opinions have changed. 
If we lose devolution what will they be after next? the answer is the welsh language. The very existence of welsh nationhood and welsh identity is at risk here make no mistake. 
If i have missed anything let me know and i will ad it. Remember , most of these benefits are not available in England. 

Nine new hospitals and huge investment in new hospital equipment 

New Kidney Transplant Unit, PET scanner and Women’s Unit at UHW

New Cardiff and Vale Breast Centre.

North Wales exhibition centre in Colwyn Bay

banning of smoking in public places

The Transport (Wales) Bill

The Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Bill

The Draft Tourism Accommodation Registration (Wales) Bill.

The LGBT staff network was

Free bus travel for pensioners.

More investment in schools, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries

The new Porth/Rhondda Fach Relief Road in my constituency

Leading the way in having an Older People’s Commissioner and Children’s Commissioner.

The £48m ProAct scheme to provide funding for employers facing difficulties in the 

recession and thus safeguarding jobs in Wales.

The much appreciated passenger railway line between Cardiff and Ebbw Vale

Establishment of Farming Connect, an integrated advice service for farmers.

The provision of free school milk for key stage one students in Wales.

A more open and transparent democracy.

Better access to the politicians who are making decisions and a better opportunity to influence the outcome of ministerial deliberations

Biggest investment in school buildings ever.
Thousands more teachers and teaching assistants.

Thousands more modern apprenticeships

Funding for eco-schools.

Reduction in use of plastic bags.

More Blue Flag beaches.

Investment in renewable energy and recycling.

Grants for insulation and new boilers

The passing of the  motion that ensured Welsh students did not pay top-up fees.

The establishment of a new child-centred approach to early years education, particularly Foundation Phase.

Advances in education including the 14 to 19 Pathways, Foundation Phase and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Devolution has had a positive impact which has resulted in Wales and its people growing in confidence.

Achievement and use of European Structural Funds.

Recognised the full effects of domestic violence and worked with voluntary organisations to support those threatened by it

Provision of free services such as prescriptions, travel for older people and school breakfasts for primary school children.

record levels of investment in public services

free museums and free breakfasts

free prescriptions

Equal representation of men and women

Reducing class sizes

launch of a mortgage rescue scheme to help people faced with losing their homes

Giving the opportunity for people to use Welsh or English in their daily lives

Taking the market out of health care

Better access and more help for good causes and charities, for example the extra £2m for 

the Aberfan Memorial Charity and the Aberfan Education Charity

The establishment of the Swansea Medical School

Securing the extra billions of investment from the European Union, through the Objective 

One and convergence funding programs.

Record investment in former industrial areas

Tackling social exclusion

It has been able to establish and support important national institutions such as the Millennium Centre and National Botanic Gardens

free swimming for young people, over-60s and disabled people

create a footpath right around the Welsh coastline is opening up our beautiful coast to all.
Educational Maintenance Allowance kept for young people in Wales– scrapped in England
Welsh Jobs Fund promised to create 4,000 jobs for young people

The value of exports from Wales more than doubled between 1999 and 2013" doubled since the set up of the assembly.


  1. Y gwir. Angen ystyried beth digwyddodd yn refferendwm ar Ewrop - pwysig i sicrhau bod y cyhoedd yn gwybod y ffeithiau er mwyn sicrhau eu bod yn ymddwyn yn gall a chefnogi ein Senedd.

  2. The problem is the anti devolutionists will counter the argument with a list of failures, they are notorious for blaming the institution for the failures of the Welsh Labour Government.
    It should be a matter of self respect. With Scotland & NI getting more powers & an English Grand Committee in Westminster, do we want to be the only home nation without an administration?


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