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UKIP, Who are they? - MORE ADDED

Here is some of the controversy's involving ukip over the last few months. I could of tripled the size of this if i went back a few years . People say they have changed so i give them the benefit of the doubt.

How anyone would like these to run the country is beyond me. 

Anyway, i will keep updating it when i get the time so keep checking back. 

Israel should kidnap Barack Obama and put him on trial like a Nazi, Ukip candidate says  Click to read

Ukip boots out broadcast builder as he’s exposed as raging Twitter racist  Click to read

fake doctorate of Ukip ‘professor’  Click to read

Ukip Commonwealth spokesman forced to resign after he is exposed as leader of a kidnapping gang in Pakistan.
A Ukip campaigner who helped to boost the party’s multi-cultural credentials has been revealed as the former leader of a Pakistani kidnapping gang.
Mujeeb ur Rehman Bhutto, the party’s  Commonwealth spokesman, organised a visit to a mosque for Ukip leader Nigel Farage and helped canvass in a key by-election in which the party came close to gaining its first MP.
But – in the latest embarrassment for the party – the 35-year-old has admitted being the ‘boss’ of a high-profile gang which struck in Karachi in 2004, in a kidnapping that netted him a £56,000 ransom payment.   Click to read

Top UKIP official quits after gay hate rant
A top UKIP official has been shamed into quitting after her extremist and offensive views were exposed
Dr Julia Gasper branded gay rights a “lunatic’s charter” and claimed some homosexuals prefer sex with animals.
She has now resigned as ­chairman of the Oxford branch after airing her views on the party’s ­official members’ forum.
Her controversial ­remarks and those of other members sparked outrage.
UKIP has since suspended the forum after Labour vice-chairman Michael Dugher led complaints about “the nasty racism and appalling homophobia” of some of the comments posted.    Click to read

UKIP's vile Mandela 'slave' rant exposed: Disgusting remarks made about South African president and murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence 'reveal true face of party'
Nigel Farage was last night at the centre of a new racism storm over shocking remarks made by UKIP officials about Nelson Mandela and the murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence.
One mocked Mr Lawrence as ‘Saint Stephen’ and said his grieving mother was ‘boring us all to tears’.
Another, writing just days after Mandela’s death, said that some ‘base-born’ people were ‘intended by nature’ to be ‘slaves’.     Click to read

UKIP councillors' racist rants: More of Nigel Farage's troops exposed as bigots     Click to read 

A Kingston UKIP candidate has been exposed as a sympathiser with the Nazi BNP, as the local campaign against the party steps up.    Click to read

Former UKIP politician exposed by The Herald banned from schools for life    Click to read

Ukip local elections candidates' 'racist' language is exposed
Click to read

Farage's golden boy's rant at 'pooftahs', '     Chigwell Peasants' and 'Chinky bird': Astonishing leaked phone calls expose outbursts of Ukip man sent in to replace Neil Hamilton
Click to read

UKIP's 'ordinary folk' running the party are spin doctors, old Etonians and Oxbridge graduates   Click to read

The UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for Scunthorpe, Stephen Howd, has been suspended by the party.
UKIP said it was investigating "an incident" alleged to have occurred at his workplace.
Mr Howd, 49, from Hook, near Goole, East Yorkshire is a barrister who is based in Leeds.
A spokesman said: "UKIP has suspended the Scunthorpe PPC Stephen Howd whilst an investigation takes place into an alleged incident at his workplace."

Mr Howd was the Conservative Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Cleethorpes in the 2001 general election.   Click to read

UKIP MEP and General Election candidate Janice Atkinson has been suspended "following allegations of a serious financial nature".   Click to read

Local Elections 2015: Police look into UKIP 'forgery' claim   Click to read

UKIP councillor ‘slaps campaigner and tells him to f*** off’

last updated 27th April 2015


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