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Some Random economic facts about wales

Unionists and the media will tell you all the time that wales needs london
and Wales couldn't afford independence. They base this on gdp and fva figures along with the tax raised in Wales compared to money spent on wales. All the figures are pointless and not a true reflection of the welsh economy.
Independent Wales would receive the benefits from many of its resources currently being exploited by England for where Wales receives little benefit.
Also the taxes raised by welsh company's go direct to London and are ignored when they say wales receives more than it raises in taxes. Most people wont know these facts.
Iv found a lot out by just searching the web, freedom of information requests and simple phone calls.
The truth is available folks.Don't expect the truth off the media or union politicians. If your opinions are based on the media, unionist politicians, gdp,gva or tax figures that come out of London then I'm afraid your opinion is wrong and clouded.

Wales is a centre of excellence for aerospace manufacturing and MRO related activities; over 160 companies employ in excess of 23,000 people. State-of-the-art facilities now manufacture, supply, maintain, repair and overhaul, civil and military aircraft from around the world. The aerospace sector in Wales is a dynamic growth industry that operates on best practise techniques and is supported directly by the Aerospace Wales Forum.

As it Stands Wales pays £1.9 Billion back to Westminster towards the Military.
Ireland has a decent defence force with a well equipped and well trained army, a fleet of patrol boats. all for around £500 million a year. That would be MORE than enough for Wales.

£4.7 billion is the welsh contribution to the new tridentprogram

Our coastline offers over 1,000km of relatively untapped power, and with the second highest tidal range in the world, the potential for energy generation is massive.

Wales has the potential to produce nearly twice the amount of electricity it currently uses, through wholly renewable sources by 2025.

manufacturing makes up a greater share of the Welsh economy compared to the other Home Nations 15.2% in 2009 compared to 10.3% for the UK as a whole  the equivalent of around £6.8billion every year.

Nearly all the tin plate and much of the aluminium
produced in the UK come from Welsh plants.

In 2011 Wales produced 52% of the uks iron and steel.

The total value of the automotive sector - and its supply chain - to the Welsh economy has been estimated to be £3billion.a year

Retail is proportionally as important to the Welsh economy as the UK as a whole, making up 11% (£4.9bn) of GVA in 2009 -

Wales has a very successful and under appreciated private sector, which employs the vast majority of the Welsh workforce and had a combined turnover of more than £100bn in 2010

£9bn  is almost exactly Wales proportional share (~5%) of the UK government's borrowing figures every single year £163bn for 2009-2010

Our exported goods are worth almost £5 billion more than our imports

The value of exports from Wales more than doubled between 1999 and 2013" doubled since the set up of the assembly.

Most water consumed by Merseyside and the west Midlands including Birmingham comes from wales. Recently Severn Trent water sold to Anglian Water £5 billion worth of welsh water and wales did not receive a penny. that shows the sort of money wales should be receiving for the colossal amounts of water that gets pumped from welsh lakes to England. An independent wales would have the chance to own all those lakes and demand an healthy sum for exported water. At the moment wales gets pennies, if anything.

The Crown Estate: This has a diverse range of holdings in Wales. As well as agricultural land
and mineral rights, these include the seabed out to a 12 nautical mile limit. All profits from such
holdings (including from onshore and offshore wind farms) are passed to the UK Treasury" Then you look at the water supply and electricity supply that wales gets nothing from

An exploration firm is expanding its search for gas reserves in South Wales ahead of the publication of a report into how much of the lucrative resource is under the UK.
The British Geological Survey (BGS) is shortly expected to dramatically update its current estimate of the amount, from five trillion cubic feet of shale gas to more than 1,000 trillion cubic feet.A shale gas field comparable to some of the largest in the world could be trapped beneath the coal fields of South Wales, a report has found.

An Australian exploration firm which holds several licences to exploit the gas reserves trapped in the shale rocks deep beneath the UK believes the reserves in Wales are far larger than previously thought.

Eden Energy's studies suggest that the quantity of gas would be equivalent to the amount needed to meet the UKs gas use for four years.

Wales has the potential to generate twice its electricity demand from renewable energy sources within 15 years.
It already exports 30% of the electricity it makes.. Energy exports - which in 2011 totalled £4.06billion. Would be more but the crown estate owns a lot of the areas the wind farms are on so wales don't receive a penny
Most water consumed by the west Midlands including Birmingham,

trillion tonnes of coal could be lying under the sea off Wales  according to scientists who say the vast deposits would be enough to keep the lights on for hundreds of years.

Plans have been submitted for a £850m tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay which could provide power for 10% of the UK's electricity needs
Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Ltd says it is the first step towards developing technology that could meet 10% of the UK's electricity needs from the tides.
The six-mile-long U-shaped seawall will go from Swansea docks to near Swansea University's new Fabian Way campus.

Ports in Wales represent every possible port type and
activity. The industry handled 54 million tonnes of cargo
in 2009 – 10% of total UK throughput, and equivalent to
18 tonnes of cargo per person. The equivalent figure for
England is 8 tonnes. Bearing in mind the UK’s position as
the largest ports industry in the European Union, this is a
significant total and makes it larger than, for example, the
ports industry for the whole of the Republic of Ireland.

National Trust Wales, put some figures to the economic
value the coast generates. It showed that 52,000 people are
directly employed in coastal/marine activity, and
40,000 indirectly.
This generates £4.8bn in direct income, £2bn in indirect
and induced activity and contributes £1.5bn of GDP to
the Welsh economy.
The oil and energy sector traffic handled by Milford Haven,
the largest port in Wales, is of national significance to the
UK’s energy needs. In 2009 Milford Haven handled 39
million tonnes of oil, liquid gas and oil products, making
it the third largest port in the UK and the largest oil port.
A new LNG terminal has made it a market leader in gas
distribution, putting Wales on the map in a global sector.

In 2009 over 385,000 roads goods vehicles and trailers
travelled between Wales and Ireland. A total of 2.75 million
car, coach, lorry and foot passengers passed through the
ports in the same period.
Holyhead is the second busiest Ro-Ro ferry port in the
UK, with only Dover handling more cars and road goods
vehicles each year.

Wales has what it takes to be a successful prosperous small nation within the EU. Anyone who says it doesn't are either misinformed or have an agenda that isn't in the best interest's of wales


  1. This is brilliant, and fully debunks any fiscal reason as to why Wales can not become a fully self-governing, independent nation.

  2. JThe Welsh Government have poured ££££ into the aerospace industry with little success. You just need to look at st athan debacle and the money wasted on a new runway for example and hangar etc that produced 0 jobs. best to help small successful business expand. Lets not puin our future on aerospace and the arms trade,

  3. Wales. Just... Cymru like xD
    Thank you, for taking the time to compile this information

  4. Diolch yn fawr for all this information. Is it at all possible for you to send me the sources of the different points of information, just for me to add credability to it while preachig it? Also I would really like to make a leaflet out of all of it, to distribute to all homes in Cymru. Would you be happy for me to use it - I will thank you and advertise your blog in small writing at the bottom. Is this all doable you think? Diolch yn fawr eto. Heledd

  5. Amazing research! I've always said if they paid more in benefits than they took from Cymru they would have let her free long ago


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